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Ever since President Barack Obama publicly endorsed gay marriage, the once taboo topic has been a talking point for everyone from athletes to musicians – this includes hip-hop stars. Jay-Z and T.I. have been the most noticeable artists to say something, with both rappers coming out and saying they support same-sex marriage. Now, let’s add 50 Cent to that comment-on-gay-marriage list.

DETAILS: T.I Comes Out In Support Of Obama & Gay Marriage 

50 was on the Funkmaster Flex Show on Hot 97 last night. 

During their time together, they basically talked about everything from squashing old beef with Cam’ron to his new upcoming mixtape with DJ Drama, The Lost Tapes.

VIDEO: Jay-Z Endorses Gay Marriage!

The topic of same-sex marriage came up, and 50 took a similar stance as T.I., saying he didn’t understand what the big deal was and even questioning religious people who are against gay marriage:

“It was quite some time before we got a response out of Obama on same-sex marriage…Yeah, I’m cool. I would like people to actually be happy…Technically, I don’t see where it fits into any religion. The Bible that they would read to marry you, it doesn’t have anything in it that says same-sex. If it does, then I would like someone to point out that interpretation.” 

50 also revealed that in the past he has participated in some same-sex activities (he didn’t specify, but we’re assuming he was talking about himself and other women). He said:

“I’ve encouraged same-sex activities. I’ve engaged in fetish areas a couple times. I’m for it.”

50 Cent is taking a similar stand to his BFF Floyd Mayweather who Tweeted this the other day:

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