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Since the birth of this nation, America has been a proponent of freedom and justice, in its own special, sometimes hypocritical way. Bashar al-Assad is responsible for some of the most egregious human rights violations in Eurasia since the Holocaust. Given the U.S.’s reputation as the purveyors of freedom and justice, it would be reasonable to assume that we would physically intervene in Syria.

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The Unites States sent troops to eliminate Gaddafi in the battle of Tripoli last year.

The United States broke ties with Hosni Mubarak and supported Egyptian rebels despite The U.S’s long-standing alliance with Egypt.

So why shouldn’t we send troops over to Syria and physically remove Assad from power, and try him in front of an international war tribunal?

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Well, Syria is no Libiya. The country has strong ties to Iran, which already has the potential to ensnare the world in a global conflict, China which is in an economic position to decrease the worth of our dollar to levels seen in Germany after WW2 where the mark was more valuable as a fire starter than currency, and Russia which has the capabalities start a nuclear holcaust.



Iran has already given a stern warning to America to stay out of Syria and has been strongly allied with Syria since 1979, and remains as strong as diamond to this day.

Since the start of the alliance, they have shaped the politics of the Middle East, and thwarted the regional goals of the U.S.  Israel, and Iraq.

If the U.S intervenes and Iran gets involved in the conflict, China and Russia will subsequently get involved in the conflict.

Chinese president Hu Jintao has already stated that if the U.S or any country attacked Iran they would take responsive measures immediately.

As for Russia, they already have already mobilized forces in case of an attack on Iran.

Iran getting involved in any conflict will give an excuse for Israel, which is in possession of nuclear weapons, to attack, which has long been predicted as the precipitating cause to World War 3 due to the subsequent events that are sure to follow as a result.

Iran has also increased its defense budget by 127 percent this year. They are not playing and are ready to fight.



In addition to Iran, both China and Russia have already come out in support of Syria, condemning any U.N back military action in Syria. Considering the U.S current economic crisis, any action that would agitate China would be extremely imprudent.

China owns 8 percent of U.S debt. Making it the third largest holder of U.S debt behind only the Social Securities Trust Fund, and The Federal Reserve, which contrary to popular belief is a privately owned organization and is about as federal as Federal Express. In other words, China is the number one investor among foreign government. We are extremely economically vulnerable to any decision made by China.

Once China decides to stop financing our massive debts we will have an extremely difficult time selling bonds (ask Greece what that’s like). Our economy could reach levels not seen since the Great Depression or worse, of Germany post WW2.

That means a lot of starving Americans, save for the ones who eat faces. Either that, or we go to war for resources.



Russia is inexorably connected to any conflict with any of the aforementioned countries due to their proximity and history.

Russia holds the second most nuclear warheads in the world, trailing only the U.S.

Any conflict with Russia has the potential to lead to a nuclear holocaust.

To put it in perspective, there were 17 kilo tons of TNT dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

The largest modern nuclear explosion had 8 megatons of TNT. That’s 8,000,000 tons of TNT, In other words a modern nuclear modern day nuclear war would quite literally be Armageddon. Not only for humanity, it’s doubtful the Earth would be able to sustain any life if only 1 percent of nuclear warheads were detonated today.



Of course the U.S would not be fighting against these powers by itself if a conflict were to take place. Israel, Turkey, Lebanon, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Spain, and others would be forced to join forces to fight off this “Eastern Coalition,” which would also include Serbia, Sudan, North Korea, Cuba, Pakistan, Venezuela, Burma, and others.

In other words, if the situation in Syria is not handled in the most delicate fashion … welcome to World War III.

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