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We all know Justin Bieber has one of the largest and craziest fan bases in the world, and this fact was backed up by his latest stint in Norway, where he literally caused a state of emergency.

DETAILS: OH NO! 49 Girls Hurt At Justin Bieber’s Norway Concert

Norway officials were forced to take action after an overwhelming amount of fans appeared at Bieber’s concert in the middle of town and even chased after his convoy.

Despite tweeting out to his fans to calm down and behave themselves, the Biebs was not successful and 49 girls were injured during his show.

It’s awesome to have that many fans that adore you, but celebrities in general face this problem everyday, and unfortunately there is no easy solution.

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This got us thinking of other big names that have overzealous fans, a few even had instances where a stan went nuts on them.

Check out the list on the following pages!


When it comes to Lady Gaga, you’d think she’d be able to handle all her Little Monsters, but even Gaga gets scared sometimes. 

Gaga recently beefed up her security and bodyguards as a result of creepy and startling messages that she saw on the web.

Sources say that she doesn’t go anywhere alone and a guard sits in her room while she sleeps.


During a performance a month ago in Venezuela, hit singer Demi Lovato was forced to stop her concert after many fans jumped on stage and tried to hug her.

One fan was actually clinging to her before security broke it up.

She later tweeted: “17 freaking bodyguards yesterday and I STILL got my hair pulled!!! Hahahahaha Venezuela you are INSANE!!! I love you guys.”


During a performance in Rio de Janeiro, a fan got a little too close to Britney Spears on the stage. 

The man that was invited on stage for one of her songs ended up planting his mouth on her right leg and biting her.

Britney was shocked but continued on without interruption.


Twilight stars Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart had their own fan scare in Brazil while promoting their first movie.

Apparently over 2,000 girls were able to rush into the hotel and were on the way to their room.

The two actors were quickly locked in their room with security until the National Guard came to clear everyone out.


While taping a TV show, Vanessa Hudgens ran into some touchy girls as she was signing autographs.

She hugged one of the fans and before she knew it, the fan was making out with her neck and holding on for dear life!

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