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Ryan Gosling is hot. That is a fact.

He saves women from getting hit by frantic NYC cabbies, and he acted in The Notebook for goodness sake, and now he wants to give you a manicure. 

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A girl can only dream. 

The genius folks over at Rad Nails are making it possible for you to carry a little bit of Gosling around with you every day, and it doesn’t involves extortion, kidnapping or stealing locks of his glorious hair. 

Rad Nails has developed what may be the coolest nail decals to date, featuring some of the most swoon-worthy faces in the industry to apply right to your nails. 

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From Pharrell to Robert Pattinson, Joe Jonas and Zac Efron, there are plenty of men to get your fingers on, if for some outlandish reason, Ryan isn’t your type. The nail decals come in either white or clear to place over any color nail polish you’re already sporting. 

You can count all these sexy men all on one hand for just $18