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Katie Holmes is putting in work to get these divorce proceedings rolling. 

Yesterday the soon to be ex-wife of Tom Cruise was seen departing her lawyer’s office after a 6 hour meeting. That is like a full shift of work!

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The actress who found her fame on “Dawson’s Creek” was all smiles as she stepped out of the office building after the multiple hour meeting with her Manhattan based divorce attorney Allan Mayefsky.

According to reports by Radar Online, Katie is taking the proceedings into over drive over custody and support over the pair’s daughter Suri. 

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This is the second day in a row that Katie has spent multiple hours with her attorney. He is reportedly attempting to iron out a temporary agreement with Tom’s attorney Dennis Wasser that would negate the necessity of going to court.

Check out the photos of Katie looking relieved leaving the meeting with her lawyers in the gallery above. 

SOURCE: Radar Online