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Special Prosecutor Angela Corey has released another round of evidence in her second-degree murder case against George Zimmerman, which includes a first look at what FBI agents have turned up in their civil rights investigation in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

STORY: Emails, Phone Records, Oh My! More Evidence To Be Released In Trayvon Martin Case

FBI agents interviewed several Sanford police officers, along with nearly a dozen witnesses, including the case’s lead investigator, Chris Serino.

They also talked to Zimmerman’s former girlfriend, who accused him in court paperwork of being a violent man with attitudes toward black people.

Zimmerman’s neighbor Frank Taffee was also interviewed, along with several unidentified civilian witnesses and employees at the gun store where Zimmerman bought the firearm he used to shoot Trayvon.

Here are a few details outlined in the newley released F.B.I. investagion into the Trayvon shooting:

-In the documents it gives a description to the injuries sustained by Trayvon and Zimmerman. The new evidence also revelaed that at least one of the officers called to the crime scene had prior contact with Zimmerman due to his previous calls.

-Investigators also interviewed Trayvon’s cousin, who said “on a stack of Bibles” it was Trayvon’s voice crying in 911 call.

-Another Sanford officer said that Zimmerman’s nose injury was not apparent when he arrived at the Seminol police department, but he “was

‘grunting’ as if in pain.”

-The evidence also included non-emergency calls made by Zimmerman calling to report suspicious activity in neighborhood as he was concerned about burglaries.

-One of the witnesses told investigators her son felt pressured by police to say that the injured man he saw was wearing a red hoodie.

– FBI reports also said that Sanford officers felt shooting was “not racially motivated, but it was a man shooting an un-armed kid.”

– One Sanford Officer told FBI: “Black community would be in uproar if Zimmerman is not arrested.”

– Sanford lead investigator Chris Serino told the FBI he thinks Zimmerman pursued Trayvon “based on his attire,” not “skin color.” He went on to say that Zimmerman has a “little hero complex” but is not a racist.

As for the federal investigation, there’ll be no official findings by the FBI or the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice.

The DOJ stepped in and began their probe after numerous outcries of Sanford Police doing a shoddy, racially biased investigation and refusing to arrest Zimmerman.
Zimmerman remains in a safe house in Seminole County as he awaits trial his next court date is Aug. 8

To read the full Zimmerman evidence documents, click here.