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Damn RiRi! Rumors are flying that Rihanna sent Chris Brown three pictures of her sexy outfits during a secret vacation rendezvous in St. Tropez. 

Photos: Say Cheese Rihanna Sends Chris Brown 3 Sexy Pics

So if Rihanna and Chris are seeing each other and she’s sexting him pictures, we want in! At first we had a staff meeting to discuss how we could get Rihanna to send us some sexy sexting pictures to our phones. 

Then someone came up with the bright idea to just use our imaginations. By imagination, we mean Instagram and Facebook, because red hot Rihanna’s social media pages are filled with numerous booty-ful flicks of the Bajan beauty. 

PHOTOS: Rihanna and Chris Brown Secret Vacay! How They Pulled It Off

So we scoured all of Rihanna’s pictures. We drooled on our keyboards in amazement and realized that we don’t need Rihanna to send us sexts to our phones when we already get them via Instagram. 

It was at that moment that we were happy and excited and it had nothing to do with looking at Rihanna in a bikini for two hours. Alright, so maybe that did have something to do with it.

Still, we wanted to share 10 super awesome sexy pictures of RiRi. Take a look!