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Ryan Lochte is the Olympic man of the moment, and he’s also the one that just about every woman is swooning over. 

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The Rochester, New York native first caught our eye when he shared the Vogue Olympics cover last month, since then, the dapper swimmer has been chock full of antics to garner attention from the adoring American fans; must we remind you of his American flag grillz? 

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Women’s Health Magazine was above the curve when it came to Ryan, they knew that sooner or later the ladies would want to know exactly what it is that the gold medalist is seeking when it comes to relationships.

Check out their Q&A with the Olympic hottie, then close your eyes and envision him in his Speedo. You’re welcome. 

1. When you see a woman you want to meet, you . . .

Make eye contact. Some guys keep staring, but I’ll give a wink and come back later, because it keeps her thinking.

2. What confuses you about the opposite sex?

It’s impossible to know what they’re thinking. If I could have one superpower, I’d be like Mel Gibson in What Women Want, where he reads women’s minds.

3. You’re very stylish. How important is it for a guy to have fashion sense?

Really important–it’s how your personality comes out. I don’t have a set style, but I try not to dress like everyone else.

4. What do women look hottest in?

One of my long-sleeve button-down shirts and that’s all. The second sexiest thing: white jeans.

5. You’re surrounded by dudes constantly. Be honest: Do guys swap sex stories?



Sexy women always… keep a fit body.

Celeb crush? Carmen Electra.

What do you sleep in? I’m mostly naked.

Lights on or off? On.

SOURCE: Women’s Health Magazine