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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is just around the bend and the biggest names in the industry will be taking the stage to showcase their fashions.

But on the sidelines and the outskirts of the Mercedes Benz tents are designers with just as much talent and breathtaking designs that are not accepted into the tent realms. 

PHOTOS: Sol Afrik Fashion Week Set To Bring Diversity To New York’s Fashion Scene

That is where Sol Afrik comes in.

This year, a new alternative to showcasing fashions is forthcoming with the launch of Sol Afrik Fashion Week New York (September 21-28, 2012); a lavish multi-day event that will include displays of fashion and design, exhibitions and showroom display opportunities, along with world-class entertainment, receptions, networking events and after-parties.

This new international platform for the fashion industry gives voice and opportunity to emerging and exciting designers so they can be properly nurtured and showcased in a manner that will meet global industry standards.

But first, designers need to step it up. Sol Afrik is celebrating their premiere Fashion Week, and is noting a fear in designers emerging under a collective name, defeating the mission of Sol Afrik. 

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The bottom line is this: in order for Sol Afrik to have a show, there must be outstanding talent, and they are seeking that from you. 

The sole purpose Sol Afrik is to bring together the African, African-American, Caribbean fashion and design professionals who are traditionally marginalized or under-publicized.

If you are looking for the ability to showcase your designs during what is sure to be a headlining inaugural event, get on board with Sol Afrik and prove that you can be the first black Valentino. 

Check out for additional information about getting involved. Don’t let fear stop you from being one of the trail blazing designers!