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Apparently so, In Dublin, Georgia, Mayor Phil Best, is expected to sign an ordinance Tuesday that prohibits the wearing of saggy pants. Violators face fines up to $200. C’mon Son!!!, are we now banning styles?

The indecent exposure ordinance will be put into immediate effect at the city council meeting signed by Mayor Phil Best. Check out what Best told CNN;

‘We’ve gotten several complaints from citizens saying the folks with britches down below their buttocks was offensive, and wasn’t there something we could do about it,’

Violators could face fines ranging from $25 to $200, or court-mandated community service. 


‘That’s not our intent, we’d [rather] not fine anybody but we are prepared to,’ Best said. 

Dublin residents are divided on the issue.

It seems that numerous complaints by Dublin residents led to the council voting for the ban. The mayor said after about a year of fielding complaints, he put the city attorney to work researching how other localities have dealt with the derriere dilemma. The result was that council members decided to put exposure due to baggy clothing in the same category as masturbation, fornication and urination in public places.



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