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Far and few models have a story as academically compelling as that of Jarah Mariano.

The Hawaii-born and Cali-raised Jarah is a stunning beauty, and although she has been modeling since the age of 15, she made sure her college backup plan was steady in place. With a flourishing career that’s allowed her to be featured in Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret, just to name a few, she hasn’t had to cash in on her Pace University education just yet. 

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GlobalGrind had the pleasure of catching up with the lovely Jarah to learn a little more about her and of course, to learn about what she dances to in her underwear!

Not just for her beauty, but for her brains as well, we are proud to call the gorgeous Jarah Mariano one of the sexiest girls in the world. 

Check out the exclusive interview with Jarah below and be sure to check out her sexiest photos in the gallery above. 

First things to know about Jarah Mariano: 

I was born on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. Raised in Southern California, Orange County. I’m half Korean, 25 percent Native Hawaiian and 25 percent unknown.

Favorite place to shoot? Tahiti.

What are your beauty secrets? 

Drink water, sleep, sunshine, swim in salt water. 

Aside from modeling, what do you do in your free time? 

Have friend and family time, cook, Bikram yoga, charity work, photography.

What do you plan to do after you finish modeling? 

Continue traveling, raise a family, get back into surfing.

What absolute essentials do you keep in your purse?

Hand sanitizer, lip moisturizer, Advil liquid gels. 

Which celebrity’s wardrobe do you envy? 

I like Angelina Jolie’s comfortable, sexy off-camera style and full glamour on-camera. One moment it’s leather and grunge, then the next is super classic and flawless.

Most memorable moment of your career? 

Getting scouted for modeling at 15 years old, working with Victoria’s Secret all these years, being featured in Sports Illustrated Swim for two years.

My favorite song to dance around in my underwear to is…

Either “Give it Away” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers or “Baby Boy” by Sean Paul Ft. Beyonce, depending on my mood.

My favorite going out outfit always includes… black leather boots with heels.

The worst thing to hear when I am on a date is.. any details regarding them and their sexual past.

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I know someone is a keeper when they… put me first and make me feel safe.

The best text message I ever received was…. probably something horrible from an ex so I knew that he wasn’t a keeper.

When trying to grab someone’s attention I…make eye contact, then completely ignore them.

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