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Mitt Romney’s campaign was quick to condemn the comments made by Rep. Todd Akin after he said that pregnancy from forcible rape was rare.

STORY: Legitimate Rape? Republican Congressman Says Rape Victims Have Ways To Shut That Whole Thing Down 

According to the Hill, campaign spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg released a statement: 

“Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan disagree with Mr. Akin’s statement, and a Romney-Ryan administration would not oppose abortion in instances of rape.” 

The campaign’s response came after Akin, the Republican Party’s Senate candidate in the key swing state of Missouri, said that “legitimate rape” rarely resulted in pregnancy during an interview with a St. Louis television station. 

In the interview, Akin was asked to explain his opposition to abortion for pregnancies caused by rape. 

Here are his comments:

When it comes to rape, the super conservative Ryan has been outspoken on the issue, as he opposes abortion – except when the life of the mother is at risk – and co-sponsored a bill, which would define human life as beginning at the moment of fertilization.

Pro-abortion rights groups said the measure would limit access to contraception.

Romney also believes in exceptions for abortion regarding instances of rape and incest. 

SOURCE: The Hill