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It isn’t easy being the wife of the uber sexy Orlando Bloom. 

Having to travel, be an awesome model and mother to an adorable child is all rewarded by cuddling close to the dreamy Bloom himself every single night. 

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While Bloom was out and about filming The Hobbit, Peter Jackson’s two-part prequel to the epic The Lord of the Rings trilogy that made him a standout star 10 years ago, Miranda Kerr and baby Flynn came along for the ride. 

When the model mom wasn’t doing work of her own, she spent the time traveling around New Zealand and getting lost in herself, a journey that The New York Times captured in a series of photographs that you can see in the gallery above.

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The Kiwi glow really does Kerr well! 

Check out Miranda’s photos from the shoot above, and head over to the New York Times for the corresponding article, and more photos of the beautiful Vicky’s Secret Model with New Zealand as her backdrop.