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Behind every set of gold teeth, vintage Versace blouse, and pretty motherf*cker, there’s an interesting story. 

NEW MUSIC: A$AP Rocky’s Full 32 Bars On Rihanna’s “Cockiness” Remix

A$AP Rocky and the A$AP Mob’s A$VP C4 documentary has officially hit the ‘net. 

From jumping trains to being broke, A$AP Rocky and his brothers from the A$AP Mob take a look back at their trials and tribulations and their road to success.  

The Luke Monaghan-produced documentary features A$AP Rocky recalling his days in Harlem and A$AP Yams’ vision to create the whole A$AP movement. 

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The documentary seems to chronicle A$AP Rocky when he first started making headway in the music industry, now almost a year later, Rocky is readying his debut album. 

A$AP Rocky recently made the announcement that his highly anticipated LongLiveA$AP may not hit store shelves on October 31, but later on in the fall. 

Watch Rocky and the rest of the A$AP Mob in the documentary above!