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Amanda Bynes has had a rough year and it doesn’t seem to be getting any smoother.

The 26-year-old former actress just earned herself a DUI earlier this summer, along with some other hit-and-runs, which were all cause enough to have her license suspended.

However, according to E! News, a source revealed that Amanda’s indiscretions aren’t enough to send her to rehab by a court order.

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Amanda Bynes’ neighbors seem concerned with her behavior as of late, since they told the network:

“No one knows what is going on with her. Her house has become dilapidated. It used to be beautiful but she’s let it go to ruin. That’s even getting her into trouble, the homeowners’ association is very annoyed at her. It was a beautiful house and now it looks a state.”

Not only has Amanda been displaying odd behavior to her neighbors, but her friends are concerned too.

According to TMZ, she has denied the idea that she is having a mental breakdown and is in need of a conservatorship. She has so far dismissed the hit-and-run charges and DUI case, claiming that they’re false.

Her family and friends strongly believe that she is in need of some professional help after being caught speaking to inanimate objects.

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Even Amanda’s actions when going out in public are of concern, considering TMZ also reports that she recently spent 2 whole hours isolated in a dressing room at an L.A. boutique before buying a couple of items.

The site reports:

The clerks heard a banging sound coming from inside the dressing room every 10 minutes or so. One clerk made a distress call to another employee, saying he was concerned about Bynes being hold up for so long.  The employee drove to the store to help, to no avail. Amanda wouldn’t come out, telling them, “I need more time.”

Amanda needs some help, and we hope she can get back to her old self we all know and love soon!