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There’s a new couple in hip-pop and it’s … DeadMau5 and Kat Von D

PHOTOS: Kat Von D and Other Celebs With Face Tats

Yes, the Kat and Mau5 duo was cuddled up over the weekend and the popular DJ is so smitten, he professed his love for Kat to the world via Twitter. He tweeted:

“Yeah, im love… inb4 I find a fuck to give over the Internet implodes over it 😉 at least I’m happy! Lol”

The outspoken spinner is so happy, that he upload 43 pictures of his new tattoo artist boo to his Facebook page in an album called “a day with the kats.:D” 

Judging from the pictures, the pair seems extremely happy together. Let’s hope this relationship works out for Kat, who’s had a string of tumultuous boyfriends, from Jesse James to Bam Margera. 

Check out Kat-Mau5 in our gallery! 

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