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We know what colors are in season for fashion, but is color actually in in the fashion world?

With the closing of New York Fashion Week behind us, the numbers are finally all tallied up, and turns out that while minorities are still grossly under-represented on the runway, they were more women of ethnic backgrounds pounding the stage this fashion week than there has ever been in the past. 

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According to reports by Jezebel, who has been tracking the race of the models on the runway since 2008, models from other races are getting more runway time: 

For the second time ever (and the second season in a row), white models actually comprised just less than 80% of the total model pool. Contrast that with the 87 percent of all runway spots that were given to white models in Fall-Winter 2008, when we began keeping track of models and race at NYFW.

These results may be partly attributed to the season, because one trend that is apparent from our data is the preference for slightly more models of color at the spring-summer collections and slightly fewer at the fall-winter collections, which may be due to a belief on the part of casting directors that darker skin tones suit the bright colors of spring clothes better than they do fall’s more somber hues.

The issue of colored models in high fashion, including Latina, Black and Asian models, has been one older than Fashion Week. Any bit of progress is a good start, but should it be when skin color is used as an accessory?

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Check out the full in-depth report over at Jezebel and leave us your commentary in the section below.

SOURCE: Jezebel