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Entree may have not have had the fastest start or biggest following, but they are certainly picking up speed.

The brand has been worn by celebrities ranging from Chris Brown to Michael Ealy, and with collections as impressive as their latest Fall 2012 collection, we see why!

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Titled “The Devil Wears Concords,” the collection included the release of their first-ever denim cut and sew pieces. The denim cut and sew collection features a custom stitched denim jacket, vest, Japanese denim jeans, two camo, and also one leopard trimmed button-down chambray shirt. These pieces are new and innovative, but still stay true to the Entree roots. In addition to the denim cut and sew, they will be putting out another limited edition varsity jacket, in two different colorways.

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Themes of each piece range from a commemorative tee for famed Astronaut Neil Armstrong, to a couple pieces for the “stoner” community, but we are definitely “love stoned” for the entire collection.

You can check out the full range of pieces from the Fall 2012 collection from Entree clothing in the gallery above, as well as a behind the scenes look of the lookbook in the video below.

The Devil Wears Concords Fall 2 Collection from ENTREE LS TV on Vimeo.