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This has to be one of the best ideas ever. What are two things that every fashionista loves? Clothes and of course, Elmo! Because seriously, who doesn’t love the charismatic orange-nosed puppet?

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Harper’s Bazaar editor Laura Brown has interviewed some of the biggest names in the fashion space, but for her latest webisode, titled “The Look,” she focused on one of the biggest TV stars, like ever, Elmo of Sesame Street.

Elmo is always sporting an array of adorable outfits for the adventurous stunts during his segments on “Elmo’s World.”

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The little red guy has some impressive pieces, like the Comme des Garcons onesie that he uses for trapeze stunts, his expansive shoe collection and of course, his interesting array of hats. 

The best part about this video, hands down, is Elmo becoming a self-proclaimed monsternista, and his witty little ‘tude. 

Check out the video above to see Elmo at his most fashionable!