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Contrary to all the rumors, Chris Brown and Karrueche are still together and going strong. The longtime couple was just spotted partying together at Atlanta hot spot Compound. 

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Wearing a short body con skirt and killer ass-kicking boots, and accompanied by some muscle, Kae followed Breezy out the nightclub after a long night blowing stacks. 

All the rumors surrounding Karrueche and Chris’ relationship and the ever looming presence of Chris’ ex Rihanna finally forced Karrueche to blast back at her haters on Twitter. Breezy’s usually quiet main chick had all she could take when she hopped on the social media device to set some folks straight – in a very classy way of course. 

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Not naming any names, she tweeted:

Karrueche is consistently bombarded with comments and hate about her relationship with Chris Brown, but she let it be known: Chris Brown is a man! 

Say it proud! What do you make of Kae’s latest tweets?