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Where do I start? I know what it’s like to be in love and put yourself through situations that you never thought you ever would because of the way you feel for a person, but it’s safe to say when it comes to her own self respect, Karrueche has taken this concept overboard.

Karrueche is smack dab in the middle of the worst love triangle ever, with two people who are openly still in love with each other, but she doesn’t seem to be doing anything to get herself out.

It wasn’t until Oprah interviewed Rihanna, another party in this love triangle, that we finally found out she does in fact still have feelings – strong feelings – for Chris Brown. Then, just last month, we actually saw the exes make physical contact while at the VMAs, something we’ve been waiting to see for months.

So, with all our suspicions that these two still had something going on, it was finally clear as day. But we’re just outsiders looking in. Inside Chris and Karrueche’s relationship. I suspect his feelings and also contact with his ex have been much more apparent to Karrueche for as long as it’s been going on.

Once it was out in the open, though, everyone wondered, will this be it? Are Rihanna and Chris finally getting back together? And more importantly, is this finally the end for Karrueche and Chris?

To our surprise, it was not. Many wondered why Karrueche would stay with Chris, knowing he was still seeing his ex, who is openly very much still in love with him. Was there something we were missing?

Karrueche has been tight-lipped on the subject and rarely takes to Twitter to express her feelings but, after she was spotted partying, laughing and smiling just this weekend with Chris in Atlanta for the BET Hip-Hop Awards, it looked like all was actually well in paradise.

That was until Chris hopped on a plane to New York and Karrueche headed back home to Cali, that Chris and Rihanna were then spotted together, getting too close for comfort for someone who is still in a relationship.

As the blogosphere and of course, Twitter, went crazy with the news, Karrueche showed a rare moment of emotion via the social media site. 

She tweeted:

But, something must’ve gone down, because later in the day she tweeted “Special Delivery” with the following photo…

…only to delete the tweet and accompanying photo of white roses (which we assume are from Chris) hours later. And, as photos confirming Chris and Rihanna’s late night rendezvous at Griffin NYC hit the internet, Karrueche tweeted:

To make things more interesting, Chris was also spotted leaving Rihanna’s hotel yesterday afternoon before heading back to his own hotel to meet up with Karrueche, who he undoubtedly flew in to NYC in the midst of all this love triangle drama.

So, Chris and Rihanna have spent a lot of alone time together this week and Karrueche is still hanging in there, though undoubtedly with some mixed emotions.

But when it comes to mixed emotions, Rihanna seems to have them too. Rihanna tweeted earlier this week:


Like Frank Ocean, Rihanna seems to feel like she’s part of a one-man cult full of unrequited love. Yes, this was prior to when she met up with CB in NYC, but what does their recent rendezvous really even mean? Every time we think he and Rihanna are getting closer to making it official, Chris goes back to Karrueche. The only difference is, Karrueche showed a little bit of distaste and disapproval this time.

Is Chris confused, flip-flopping, in love with them both? I personally am a huge Chrianna fan, and am happy to see the reunion. I’d like to see Karrueche get herself up and move on, making this love triangle go from three down to two.

I’ll leave you with this, which is a good example of Chris and Karrueche’s relationship over the past year…

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