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Shyne isn’t taking any prisoners this week. 

SHOTS FIRED! Shyne Says Rick Ross Is “Obsessed With Him 

Last month, Shyne fired shots at Diddy for not keeping his promise to get him back in the states, and even released a diss song.

The shots didn’t cease there, Shyne also fired shots at Rick Ross for releasing The Black Bar Mitzvah mixtape, stating Rick Ross was “obsessed” with him. 

Now, in an interview with MTV, Shyne spoke about Drake:

“He’s another corny one. Corny dudes stick together. He’s another one. What does he do? He’s an actor from Canada….If Big and them were around . He’s a kid that acted in a soap opera, so he just studied Lil Wayne, studied Kanye, cause he sounded like Kanye when he first came out. He just acts like a street kid…come on dude “catch a body like that?” who is he talking to? He doesn’t believe that. That’s my problem with the culture you can say anything you want and promote anything you want and no one is held accountable, but then they’ll say I’m hating.” 

MIXTAPE DOWNLOAD: Shyne “Gangland” 

Shyne recently dropped his Gangland mixtape, which is available for download now.