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With one announcement comes plenty of follow up announcements. 

DETAILS: Mac Miller Announces His Sophomore Album 

Mac Miller recently announced the title to his sophomore record and a tentative release date for his collaborative project with Pharrell Williams, and now he released a new track with the promise of a follow-up track coming soon.

The Blue Slide Park rapper announced on his Twitter that he would be releasing two new tracks. “These Dayz (Dope Awprah)” is a smooth introspective track, but we’re not quite sure if this song will appear on his new album.

The Larry Fisherman-produced track features a preachy and poetic Mac Miller, who ends the track with a grandiose speech.

NEW MUSIC: Mac Miller & Pharrell Williams “Glow” 

Mac explains his new track, stating: 

If you listen closely, I’m singing opera in the background of this whole song. There are no limitations. Also, this speech at the end of this shit is epic and real for the world to comprehend yet. I was just on some other shit, no sleep, up making music all night and I decided to just take this song to places that songs have never been before.”

Besides readying his sophomore album, Mac is also in the process of wrapping up his Pink Slime project with Pharrell Williams. Pink Slime is scheduled to drop by the end of the year. 

Mac Miller’s forthcoming album, Watching Movies With The Sound Off, is set to drop the first quarter in 2013.

Take a listen to Mac Miller’s new track below!