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What’s up GlobalGrind, it’s your boy Chrizo again and I want to tell y’all about the night I went from chilling in New York, to kicking it on a yacht with Jay-Z and some of the most important men in hip-hop.

I got a call from Kevin Liles’ assistant, Cheryl Singleton, and the first thing she asked was, “Hey, do you have a passport?” I said, “Yeah, of course.”

She said, “Do you mind going to France tonight?”

“France? Like, France, France?” It felt like a movie, I kept thinking “Like, France where? France overseas?” 

They said, “Yeah, France overseas.” I said, “Tonight? Like, tonight?”

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They said, “Yeah, tonight, tonight.”

I said, “Alright. Yeah, why not? Okay.” Who am I to turn down a trip to France?

So I jump on the flight and I’m headed to Nice, France. Once I landed, I jump in the car and we’re off to Monte Carlo. The scenery was amazing. I was astonished by the sights and sounds and it only gets better. Once we got to our destination, I see this huge luxury yacht.

I grab my bag and I walk onto the ship thinking, ‘I’m just there to cut Kevin Liles’ hair,’ but the moment I walk on the boat, I realize this is much bigger than I could have ever imagined.

I see Kevin Liles, I see Steve Stout, I see Jay-Z, I see Beyonce and I’m like, ‘This can’t be for real. This can’t be for real.’ It was so surreal because when you see people on vacation, it’s not the same as when you see them out and about in New York, and a whole other experience from when you see them doing a show.

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They’re more relaxed, more chill, more human.

And as a barber to the biggest entertainers, I get to see your favorite stars in their personal space, as they really are, not as you see them on TV or hear about them in interviews, or how you read about them on GlobalGrind.

So as I get ready to get settled in on the yacht, Jay was like, “Yo, wassup? What’s goin’ on bro?” I’m like, “Aight. Things good, you know.”

He said, “You good? You had some breakfast?”


“Yo, just tell the chef what you want. You good. Anything you need, you straight, don’t worry about it.”

I kept thinking this was amazing that Jay was making sure I was good, when normally it’s the other way around. When you’re Jay-Z, everyone else’s job is to make sure he’s good. But, I was a guest on his yacht, so he wanted it to be known:

“No, go get your eat on. Relax. Kick your feet up.”

So, I’m sitting in the back of the yacht getting served by Jay-Z’s chef and I’m just there to cut hair. I’m not an entertainer. I’m no rapper. I’m no celebrity. I’m just there to cut hair, so it was amazing to watch people walk by and stare at us. That night in Monte Carlo, I got a glimpse of what it’s like to be a superstar.

So as the day goes on, I cut hair, and we are all having a good time. I’m cutting everybody’s hair on the boat and then I get paid $1,000.

So, whenever anyone asks me what’s the best tip I got, I tell them, I got to go to France for free, I sat on the boat with Jay and Beyonce, Kevin Liles, Steve Stoute and their wives and I get treated like a king. Jay-Z made sure that I’m alright and I’m just a guy from the hood that the year before that was in the barbershop looking at television and saying, “I can’t wait to cut these guys hair.”

I don’t think it gets better than that. I mean, you fly for free. You stay in a five-star hotel. You get car service there and back. You get paid $1,000 … this is the life.


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