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Frank Ocean has had a breakthrough year in 2012 when it comes to his music, but he also made history ever since he spoke openly about his bisexuality. 

Revealing himself to be one of the first to open up about falling in love with another man in hip-hop, the Channel Orange singer became the talk of the town. 

NEW MUSIC: Frank Ocean “Whale”

And it looks like Frank could have fallen in love again, since he’s been hanging out often with a guy named Willy Cartier.

Frank recently posted some Instagram pictures of the two hanging out together doing some meditation. He also added a photo of him sitting across the table from a guy while grabbing a bite to eat.

PHOTO: Bestie Alert! Frank Ocean Kicks It With Karl Lagerfeld

Although Frank doesn’t try to make it too obvious that Willy is the man on the other end of the table, it’s a good chance that it’s him, since Frank also took Willy to the GQ Magazine red carpet recently.

Check out the gallery to see Frank’s new alleged mystery man…