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Leave Chris Brown the f*ck alone! 

I can’t understand how people are still mad at the man after he has won the apology of the only person who matters – Rihanna! RiRi has forgiven Chris and it should none of our business. And that’s coming from a person who makes a living writing about their relationship. 

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This morning when I woke up, I grabbed my phone and checked my email as I do every morning. I had a bunch of emails about Chris Brown deleting his Twitter. Luckily, the amazing team here at GlobalGrind was on the job and grabbed the story. Upon reading it, I saw that comedic writer Jenny Johnson provoked Chris Brown into a Twitter beef. 


The best way to get mauled by a lion is to jump into the lion’s den, so needless to say, Jenny got bit.

Sure, Chris beat Rihanna back in 2009, but after almost 4 years, isn’t it getting a little old? They are back together, back in love and it’s really nobody’s business.

In my opinion, Jenny’s decision to call Chris a worthless piece of shit was a low blow. She is more than welcome to have that opinion, but to go looking for a fight like that is immature. I won’t say Chris’ reply showed a bunch of class or maturity, because it didn’t, but in the words of the immortal Tupac Amaru Shakur:

I ain’t mad at cha Chris!

He doesn’t need that drama, but Jenny obviously does. Prior to the onslaught of anger at Jenny for her insensitive unsolicited tweet, she’s been going in on Chris for a long time, for no reason whatsoever. On November 19th, she revealed her true colors with this tweet, which showed she was upset for being considered a racist asshole. 

Well, when you come at people for no reason, those things happen. So Jenny, why don’t you tell us why you’re really mad? Are you mad because he’s winning, but you’re losing? 

Are you mad because love can withstand difficult moments, even if unthinkable and evil things occur? People make mistakes, and who are we to bash a person because someone else forgave them?

Let ye who is without sin cast the first stone. 

All too often, people don’t want to let Chris live.

They don’t want to let him enjoy the things that we all take for granted: having a Twitter account or having your girlfriend post your picture on her Instagram page. 

Because at the end of the day, Chris is paying the price for his crime: five years probation, which he seems to be passing with flying colors. 

Karrueche, Draya or any of his other girlfriends or jump-offs are not complaining about being hit, beaten or abused. In fact they all seem to still be good friends with Chris. So why can’t some people chalk it up as a mistake, mishap and move on with their lives? 

Being mad at Chris Brown for beating up Rihanna when she has forgiven him is stupid, insane and just plain wrong. So can’t we all just get along?

P.S. Chris, hire a better PR person.

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