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Chris Brown and Rihanna are officially back together – even if they’re trying to keep their relationship “Nobody’s Business.” 

The “Turn Up The Music” crooner and the “Diamonds” songstress certainly seem in full swing if you pay attention to them on social media.

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RiRi is sex-notized by Chris’s love, posting some very revealing messages on Instagram. First she posted a tweetgram that read “Home is Where The Cock Is,” with the caption, “#frankfurt lookin like heauxm”:

As we reported yesterday, Chris Brown is in Frankfurt for a performance, as per his own Instagram pictures. 

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Needless to say, it was only a short while later when Rihanna wanted to world to know that her man killed it! 

The picture you can see above showed Rihanna and Chris in a very passionate embrace.

We all know the long and sordid history between these two, but we wish Rihanna the greatest happiness in the world. After all, true love (and sex) conquers all!