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Today, New York City’s Hot 97 announced the lineup for their annual Summer Jam concert, and thus far we’re impressed. Drake, Nicki Minaj, Fabolous, Juelz Santana, Usher, Trey Songz, DJ Khaled and Friends, Reflection Eternal, and Gucci Mane are all already slated to perform. Can we say win? But as per tradition,more names are sure to be added before June 6, the date everything goes down at the new Meadowlands stadium.

In the days leading up to what has become hip-hop’s Woodstock, the Global Grind fam decided to put in our requests now for what is sure to be a much longer list of performers, and we urge you all to do the same. Hot 97, we hope you’re reading.



Why He Should Be Added: By the time summer gets here, Ross will probably be owning it. His latest song, ‘Super High’ is already a banger, and we’re pretty sure he has another heat rock from his upcoming album, Teflon Don, waiting in the wings.



Why He Should Be Added: The man who arguably stole the dancehall crown from Mavado is not legally allowed to be in this country, but since when is that a reason? Summer Jam’s always been a concert for the ‘hood, and nothing says ‘hood like being somewhere you’re not supposed to be.



Why He Should Be Added: Juelz is already there, which can only mean one thing: ‘Beamer, Benz, or Bentley.’ Perform it. Twice if possible.



Why He Should Be Added: There is no one in music bigger than Justin Bieber right now, and even though JB is hardly the streets, he is famous as hell. If Drake brings him out, watch the girls go crazy.



Why He Should Be Added: Have you heard ‘Nothin’ On You’? Few songs go with the words Summer and Jam as well as B.o.B.’s number 1 hit single. If there is no room on the bill, make room, and give him the chance to do this one song. The women will appreciate it, and the fellas will appreciate what it does for the women.



Why He Should Be Added: Backpackers belong on the bill too, and no backpack rapper is bigger and has as much mainstream clout as Jay (just ask Diddy). ‘Exhibit C’ and ‘The Ghost of Christopher Wallace’ are certified bangers, and though they might not rock a whole stadium, bet some mosh pits are going off in the front of the stage when Jay steps on the stage.

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