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While police still aren’t sure what Adam Lanza‘s motive was for his killing spree at Sandy Hook Elementary School last week, authorities are speculating that he was angry with his mother for not loving him enough.

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According to the Daily Mail, Lanza was angry that his mother was planning to commit him to a psychiatric facility to help him with his mental problems. And according to family and friends, Lanza was reportedly getting more difficult to handle alone.

In addition, Nancy Lanza, while not a teacher as originally reported, might have been a volunteer at the elementary school (though school board member Cody McCubbin could not confirm that role when asked by MailOnline), which may be the reason Lanza targeted the children she worked with:

The theory extends to the fact that Adam felt he loved those children more than she loved him, since she was planning to send him away. That news, coupled with his jealousy of the time she allegedly spent with a group of kindergarteners at Sandy Hook, is thought to have served as the basis of the killing.

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A neighborhood figure told Fox News that the 20-year-old Lanza found out that his mother was in the legal process of having him committed; a task she had been trying to finalize since Lanza was 18 years old.

Details are still emerging about Adam Lanza’s lifestyle and what might have made him kill, though authorities aren’t confirming much yet, as this is an ongoing investigation.

SOURCE: Daily Mail