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The holiday season is the greatest time of year to try out all the newest makeup trends. We all want to look extra special while puckering up under the mistletoe, but there are just a few holiday beauty tips and tricks that we have been doing wrong all along. 

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In order to avoid mishaps while trying to look our best, we called in professional makeup artist Myrna Daher to give us a few tips and tricks on how to perfect some of the most commonly ill-applied holiday makeup. From avoiding a bad bronzer job, to perfecting the art of making loose glitter stay put, check out Myrna’s 5 tips to mastering holiday makeup looks below!

Don’t Try The Kim K. Contour Look.

Don’t try to contour if you don’t know how to master it. It is the new Kim K. way to try to do your makeup (except she has a professional doing hers) and if you know how to contour, it is fabulous, but if you don’t, don’t try it. Contouring really does a great job at emphasizing the cheekbones, but if you don’t know how to use it, then stay away. Instead, use a highlighter and a nice blush on the apples of your cheeks and blend it for stand out cheekbones.

Don’t Overdo The Lip Liner.

Lip liner is tricky. Some people really try to play up their bows, but if you don’t know how to work with lip liner, stray away from doing that. Take baby steps first. Fill your lipstick in and then backtrack with the lip liner and then just fill it in to what your lip shape is. If you want a fuller lip, everyone has a lighter line just below his or her natural lip color, that is what you fill in to get the look of a larger lip. For those who have larger lips and want to make them look smaller, what you do is mute out the bottom with a concealer a step darker than your completion and then use your liner.

Don’t Get Too Bronzer Happy

Bronzer isn’t meant to be applied in the center of your face or directly on your cheeks. Apply it from the outer sides of your face (spots where the sun would naturally hit) with a large brush with loose bristles so the bronzer pigments can be spread all over. And don’t forget to shadow in the neck a little bit, don’t paint the neck, just shadow it lightly.

Don’t Wear Out Of Season Blushes

Put away your pinks and apricots for the holiday season. Think about the mandarin orange deep blushes and the berries, don’t be afraid of them, you just have to know how to control them with a perfect blush brush. If you try to pair out of season blushes with out of season lids or lips, the look won’t be cohesive. Pairing correct seasonal trends is essential for a well put together look.

Don’t Let Loose Glitter Take Over.

Many people are mistaken with the belief that they can use their foundation or concealer as a base. That is a big misconception, you need to use a real base. Bobbi Brown Sand is a great brand to try, you take the cream and blend it from the lip to the brow bone. Blend your glitters into the cream and you will get the all day and night wear and a nice pop of shimmer that loose powder and glitters provide. 

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