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So today is December 21, 2012! While today is regarded as the Winter Solstice, another phenomenon is overshadowing the astronomical event – the end of the f**king world. 

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Fortunately, no apocalyptic occurrence like earth colliding with another planet or a massive solar flare that would cause our planet’s core temperature to increase exponentially, has transpired, so we’re OK, maybe.

But if you’re oblivious to where the idea of “we’re all going to die” originated from, you need to look no further back than the Mayans. These ancient people were known for their over 5000-year-old calendar that culminated on Dec. 21st of 2012, thus the inclination of it being the last day of civilization.

But others find that assertion a bit too melodramatic to say the least. They believe Dec. 21st is simply the end of a cycle where today is the beginning of a new era, one in which the earth enters a new age of spirituality. That sounds way better than anything else that may be on the event horizon.

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But what ever happens, happens, even though it’s already tomorrow in Australia! So if it is the “end of the world” as we know it, GlobalGrind has got you covered when it comes to drowning out the sound of impending doom with the sound of some dope ass music – 21 songs of course – featuring joints like Jay Sean feat. Nicki Minaj “2012 (It ain’t the end of the world),” Jay-Z “Run This Town,” Adele “Skyfall,” J. Cole‘s new “2012” track, and even an alchie and get high song like Kendrick Lamar‘s “Swimming Pools (Drank),” because we know you may not want to be sober if things get unexpectedly cataclysmic.

Check out all 21 songs below. Hopefully, the world doesn’t go kablooey before you get a chance to listen to all of them!

Jay Sean feat. Nicki Minaj “2012 (It ain’t the end of the world)” – “We gonna party like, party like it’s the end of the world/ We gonna party like, like it’s 2012/ You know that it doesn’t matter as long as we got each other/ Turn it up, turn it up, mash it up, it ain’t the end of the world.”

Adele “Skyfall” – “Let the sky fall/ When it crumbles/ We will stand tall/ Face it all together.” 

Britney Spears “Till The World Ends” – “See the sunlight, we ain’t stoppin’/ Keep on dancing till the world ends/ If you feel it, let it happen/ Keep on dancing till the world ends.”

Britney Spears Feat. Ke$ha & Nicki Minaj “Til The World Ends Remix” – “I notice that you got it/ You notice that I want it/ Know that I can take it to the next level baby/ If you understood this, this is the remix.” (Just like the lyrics say, “This is the remix,” and Britney’s song for the end of the world is so dope, we had to include the remix!)

Fun. “We Are Young” – “Tonight, we are young/ So let’s set the world on fire/ We can burn brighter/ Than the sun.”

Lil Wayne feat. Eminem “Drop The World” – “Yeah, and I could die now, rebirth, motherf**ker/ Hop up in my spaceship and leave Earth, motherf**ker/ I’m gone, motherf**ker, I’m gone.”

Jay-Z Feat. Rihanna & Kanye West “Run This Town” – “Victory’s within the mile, almost there/ Don’t give up now/ Only thing that’s on my mind is who’s gonna run this town tonight.”

Chief Keef “No Tomorrow” – “Ball like it’s no tomorrow/ B***h you chilling with a star/ Act like it’s no tomorrow/ Go buy a foreign car/ Drive it like it’s no tomorrow.”

Timbaland Feat. One Republic “Apologize” – “It’s too late to apologize, it’s too late. I said it’s too late to apologize, it’s too late.”

Rihanna “Only Girl (In The World)” – “Want you to make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world/ Like I’m the only one that you’ll ever love/ Like I’m the only one who knows your heart/ Only girl in the world.”

Boyz II Men “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday” – “If we get to see tomorrow I hope it’s worth all the wait. It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.”

Lana Del Rey “End Of The World” – “I wake up in the morning and I wonder why everything’s the same as it was/ I can’t understand, no, I can’t understand/ How life goes on the way it does.”

Eminem “When I’m Gone” – “And when I’m gone, just carry on, don’t mourn/ Rejoice every time you hear the sound of my voice/ Just know that I’m looking down on you smiling/And I didn’t feel a thing, so baby don’t feel no pain/ Just smile back.”

Tupac Feat. Nas & J. Phoenix “Thugz Mansion” – “There has to be a place better than this, in heaven/ So right before I sleep, dear God, what I’m askin/ Remember this face, save me a place, in thugz mansion.”

R.E.M. “End Of The World (As We Know It)”– “That’s great, it starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes, an aeroplane – Lenny Bruce is not afraid.”

Wiz Khalifa & Snoop Doog Feat. Bruno Mars “Young, Wild and Free” – “So what we get drunk/ So what we smoke weed/ We’re just having fun/ We don’t care who sees/ So what we go out/ That’s how its supposed to be/ Living young and wild and free.”

Kendrick Lamar “Swimming Pools (Drank)” – “Why you babysittin’ only 2 or 3 shots? I’mma show you how to turn it up a notch. First you get a swimming pool full of liquor, then you dive in it, pool full of liquor, then you dive in it.”

Drake Feat. Lil Wayne “The Motto” – “You only live once. That’s the motto n***a YOLO!”

Elvis Costello “Waiting For The End Of The World” – “Nobody was saying anything at all/ We were waiting for the end of the world/ Waiting for the end of the world/ Waiting for the end of the world/ Dear Lord I sincerely hope you’re coming cuz you really started something.

Kanye West “Jesus Walks” – “(Jesus Walks) God show me the way because the Devil trying to break me down/ (Jesus Walks with me)/ The only thing that that I pray is that my feet don’t fail me now (Jesus Walks)/ And I don’t think there is nothing I can do now to right my wrongs/ (Jesus Walks with me)/ I want to talk to God but I’m afraid because we ain’t spoke in so long.”

J. Cole “2012” – On his Dreamville site, J.Cole writes a message to his fans that goes as followed: 

“If the world ends tomorrow, damn. I would be mad as shit for 2 reasons. First, I’m not with my family. That would suck.

What would also be wack is if I never got to drop this song.

Summer of 08′. Mark Pitts meeting had happened a month ago. He said he fucks with me, but he not talking about signing me. Ok. Fuck that. I’ma make my new shit so stupid that the next time he meet with me he gonna HAVE to sign me. Same summer I made Grown Simba and started The Warm Up with a “fuck it” mentality. A few special songs I made that summer haven’t dropped yet. This is one of them.


Some of the most fun I ever had making a record. Alone in my room, making the beat, writing the raps, Jammin to this.

Here we are, Years Later, and right on time. Enjoy

– oh yea. Shout to the spanish nigga that came through and played the percussions. To the cool ass horn player that laced me, I forgot his name. This was my first Quincy Jones moment. Shout to Lil Cole. Shout to Aristotle. Shout to YOU.”

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