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Sometimes the fashion world can take itself a bit too seriously. 

So Canadian-based artist Francis Phommisai has made a point out of injecting a bit of lightheartedness into high fashion by incorporating Pokemon.

That’s right – your favorite Japanese anime about fictional feuding characters now have a place in Prada advertisements and the pages of Vogue thanks to Francis.

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Obviously the world of Japanese anime and high fashion are two very different ones, however Francis manages to blend them quite seamlessly. So good in fact, that we have to admit some of the pictures actually look better with the Pokemon characters! 

Francis is clearly a big fan of Pokemon, because he manages to not only position the characters in each picture so that it looks as if they should be there, but he also manages to get the right characters in each shot. It’s actually quite clever.

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Take a look at some of the cool pictures that we found on Francis’ website Pokemon & Fashion, by clicking through the gallery above. And head over to his website for the rest of his work.