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Tuesday’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart was its usual satirical self, but by sparking a discussion about gun-control, Stewart was able to marry his humor and a national problem together in a way that will hopefully entertain and start the conversation about gun reform.

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And as you can imagine, it was hilarious.

Devoting the entire show to the subject of gun-control, Stewart presented jarring statistics about gun violence in the U.S. with a mix of political pundits, NRA members and gun advocates calling for the right to bear arms. Clips of shock jock Alex Jones and NRA Vice President Wayne LaPierre contending that guns don’t kill people were thrown into his comedic delivery that ridiculed the idea that guns aren’t the issue.

It was contradictory. It was funny. And it was shocking.

In a particularly eye-opening correlation, Stewart showed how multiple points of legislation and enforcement reduced the number of drunk-driving incidents in this country, insisting that the same might be done for gun violence.

After featuring multiple shots of gun-control opponents saying “it’s not the time to talk,” “gun control doesn’t work,” and scapegoating anything but our obsession with firearms, Stewart made an impassioned plea for a united, non-partisan commitment to ending massacres like the ones in Newtown and Aurora. He also made it clear that refusing to even consider gun-control options is currently our biggest obstacle.

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Check out the video to see Stewart battle gun-control opponents for a quick laugh. Then…let’s start the real conversation.

SOURCE: Huffington Post