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Well… well… well…

We’ve heard stories about divas and they’re demands before, but Lindsay Lohan just gave us an earful of what one actually sounds like!

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TMZ has just posted an audio recording from the production of The Canyons in which Lohan berates her co-star, porn-turned-mainstream actor, James Deen during rehearsal.

In the audio recorded last year you hear Lindsay snap:

“Please James, say your lines as you’re walking over, because we are doing rehearsal with the lines, are we not? Do your f—ing job,”

To which Deen responds:

“I was until you started talking over me,”

DETAILS: Dina Lohan Wants LiLo To Cut Her Dad ALL The Way Off – LEGALLY!And Lindsay replies back:

“I didn’t say anything, I just walked over. Do your f—ing job,”

Yikes!As cringe worthy as it sounds James is apparently over it. On the audio leaking, he told the Daily News:

“I have no complaints about her. If I was offered another movie with her in it, I wouldn’t turn it down.”

According to the newspaper:

Deen, 26, told The News that Lohan was “frustrated” with him that day because he made a casual comment hours earlier that he was doing the low-budget indie thriller “for fun.”

“I told her I was doing the movie for fun, meaning I wanted to get personal satisfaction out of making a Brett Easton Ellis script come to life,” he said. “She took it along the lines of me not caring. She got offended by that, like I was insulting her craft.”

Deen says they even got along later and went out on occasion, socially.

It sounds like Lindsay isn’t one to mess with. Check out the audio of Lindsay’s diva tantrum below.

SOURCE: Daily News