An NYC program implemented to track the lives of “suspicious” Muslims has been disbanded. New York Police Commissioner William Bratton determined that the activity gathered can be collected in other (hopefully not so discriminatory) ways. The controversial program prompted two civil rights lawsuits, with the public protesting the program’s laws as unconstitutional, since it focused […]

Just when Lindsay Lohan seems to be getting back on track it looks like momma bear, Dina Lohan has fallen off. The actress’ mother was arrested for drunk driving in Long Island, NY a couple nights ago and cops say her blood alcohol level was more than TWICE the legal limit. YIKES! Riding in her white […]

Fresh out of rehab, Lindsay Lohan was allegedly spotted leaving an all night party at the Mondrian West Hollywood in Los Angeles. “The party went on all night long and was so loud that guests were complaining,” a source told the NY Post. “Lindsay was there with Max George. The Wanted have been staying at […]

Well… well… well… We’ve heard stories about divas and they’re demands before, but Lindsay Lohan just gave us an earful of what one actually sounds like! PHOTO: Poor Lindsay! Dina Lohan Reveals Black Eye In Old Pictures TMZ has just posted an audio recording from the production of The Canyons in which Lohan berates her […]

The tension between Lindsay Lohan‘s parents Dina Lohan and Michael Lohan has always been thick over the years, and it looks like there was a reason for that. Dina recently claimed that her husband Michael was abusive during their marriage when Lindsay was a child, and now old pictures have been released that could prove […]

Lindsay Lohan is about to be rescued again!  DETAILS: Storage Wars! Lindsay’s Storage Locker Possessions To Be Auctioned Off  This time, help comes in the form of the popular New York strip club Scores. If you didn’t know, Lindsay is behind on her storage bill by a few thousand dollars and she’s about to lose all […]

  Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay, when will your life ever regain some type of normalcy? After accusing her mom of kidnapping her last week, LiLo mended ties with her mother and severed ties with her father, Michael Lohan, who recorded Lindsay’s desperate phone call and shopped it off to the highest bidder.  STORY: Say What?! LiLo Says […]

Lindsay Lohan and her mother hugged things out yesterday, essentially burying the beef they had this week. Things got out of control between the troubled twosome, after Dina Lohan and her daughter got into a violent altercation that ended in the cops being called to break things up.  LIST: Lindsay Lohan And Her Wildest Yolo […]

It ain’t easy being a Lohan! Just as it seemed Amanda Bynes was taking Lindsay‘s spot as the former child star who needed the most help, it looks like LiLo is ready to take her title back. Lindsay and her mother Dina got into a vicious fight in the wee hours of the morning after hitting […]

Everyone knows that Kris Jenner is probably the fiercest “momager” in Hollywood. She’s the mother of the super popular socialite and reality TV star Kim Kardashian and she knows how to present her kids to the world. Kris Jenner gave birth to six kids and best believe she has hooked all six of her kids up […]


by: Ngozi Ekeledo The NFL sees a variety of touchdown celebration styles—some players choose the always entertaining victory jig or the ever lauded “back bump,” but another aspect of the game of pigskin often flies under the radar: a player’s hair game. It’s time to show a little love to some elaborate locks. 5. Terrelle […]

Here is a funny video that Wayne Brady and Mike Tyson got together for to create some laughter for all the comedy fans. You can’t ever be too serious no to laugh, especially at Mike Tyson and Bobby Brown. Its cool when some people are that comfortable with themselves that they are just down for […]