The Daily Grind Video

by: Ngozi Ekeledo

The NFL sees a variety of touchdown celebration styles—some players choose the always entertaining victory jig or the ever lauded “back bump,” but another aspect of the game of pigskin often flies under the radar: a player’s hair game. It’s time to show a little love to some elaborate locks.

5. Terrelle Pryor Ohio State Buckeyes: The Gumby

T. Pryor is a fool for this one. Gumby’s don’t happen overnight. It has to be carefully planned, coordinated and manicured. Kid ‘N’ Play and Bobby Brown were rocking the gumby damn near before Pyror was born. Kuddos to the top college QB in the land for doing a little research and bringing this one back. I just want to know if he has a pick to keep it fresh during the games. I mean shouldn’t it look messed up and nappy after you take a football helmet on and off and get sacked or tackled?


4. Atari Bigby (Green Bay Packers): Jamaican Me Crazy

The Packers seem to pack quite a punch on the crazy hair front. Matthews’s Jamaican-born teammate rocks a hairstyle that some people may see as unclean while others see it is dedication. The dreadlock look is not an easy one to pull off, as people will sometimes question your personal hygiene methods, but Bigby’s haters can continue to hate—he still makes more money than they do anyway. An ankle injury that’s limited his action to zero this season is on the mend, and the “long hair, don’t care” DB could see action in Sunday’s game against the Minnesota Vikings. Bigby’s spider-like tendrils are guaranteed to make Brett Favre’s cropped cut look “played out like Atari.”


3. Troy Polamalu (Pittsburgh Steelers):  The Million-Dollar Mane

With a hair as long and wavy as his, it’s easy to see why dandruff killer Head & Shoulders insured these follicles. The company, owned by Procter and Gamble, has this safety’s hair safe and soft with an insurance deal ranging around one million dollars, according to an Associated Content article on Yahoo’s website. Kept long and untouched as an honorary tribute to his Samoan ancestors, the two-time Super Bowl champ must ensure the safety of his tendrils when other players try to yank him down and gain an edge. For the man with the first ever hair insurance policy, fending off feisty opponents is just another day in the office.


2. Tom Brady (New England Patriots): The Bieber Bowl Cut



Maybe the recent birth of his son with supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen has this Patriots quarterback feeling youthful again. Whatever the case, one of the league’s pretty boys decided it was time to rewind and go tweeny-bopper with the follicles. So far the look has faced negative feedba