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It’s hard to believe that T’yanna Wallace, Biggie Smalls’ baby girl featured in his “Juicy” video, is now a 19-year-old woman. 

T’yanna was only 3 when her dad was killed, but we all relived the moment recently when B.I.G’s autopsy report was made public, revealing graphic details of his still unsolved murder. B.I.G.’s family didn’t even get a warning from the LAPD before the painful news hit the press. 

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Sharon Carpenter had the opportunity to sit down for an exclusive interview with the hip-hop legend’s eldest child – her first in-depth interview ever – where she takes the focus away from her father’s death to celebrate his life and finally allows us the chance to get to know the person T’yanna Wallace has become.

PHOTOS: Biggie’s Daughter Is All Grown Up & Remembering Her Dad’s Legacy With A New Tattoo

The Penn State student and aspiring fashion designer takes us to her father’s old stomping grounds in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn and reveals her hopes to make him proud – beginning with plans to open her own BK clothing boutique, exclusively featuring Biggie-inspired designs.

T’yanna also shares her relationship with Diddy, Faith and Nas, declares her love for Jay-Z, and reveals what life has been like growing up as the daughter of rap royalty.

Check out the exclusive interview in the video above. 

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