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On Thursday, Rhode Island became the last New England state to pass legislation that will grant gay couples marriage equality rights.

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The Rhode Island House of Representatives voted 51-19, an overwhelming win in the heavily Catholic state. The bill will now move to the Senate, where supporters of gay marriage are unsure about the bill’s fate as opponents vow to push their case in the Senate.

A handful of lawmakers rose during the debate to criticize gay marriage as a dangerous social experiment. Rep. Arthur Corvese, D-North Providence, warned lawmakers that same-sex marriage was an “irrevocable societal game-changer” that would redefine “the fundamental building block of our community” and could lead to the legalization of polygamy or plural marriages.

But supporters in Rhode Island are hoping to move on the momentum of approved legislation in Maine, Maryland and Washington, where gay marriage is legal. They are also hoping to move on President Obama’s now infamous inaugural speech where he touted gay marriage as an issue he hopes to resolve.

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In all, 9 states and the District of Columbia now allow gay and lesbian couples to marry.

More power to Rhode Island! Which state will be next to stand up for marriage equality?

SOURCE: Associated Press