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Some Wal-Mart employees are taking their power a little too far.

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A customer at a Kansas City, Mo. Wal-Mart store says she was upset and humiliated when she had to reveal her breast cancer scar to prove her identity.

The incident occurred when the woman, who has not been identified, said she was merely trying to return a book to the store. When she didn’t have a receipt, employees asked to see her I.D.

Problem was her I.D. looked nothing like her. Breast cancer and chemotherapy had changed her hair color and length, but not her facial features. But the employees refused to believe that it was actually her.

“They were rude to me. So I finally pulled down the top of my shirt and showed them I still have the scar,” she told KCTV.

The Wal-Mart store has since apologized.

Her experience is similar to those New York business consultant Lori Dorn said she endured at the hands of TSA agents last October.

The New York Daily News reports that Dorn, who has prosthetic implants due to a double mastectomy, offered to show TSA agents her implant card but was still subjected to a “humiliating” public pat down.

TSA later apologized for the incident, according to the QMI news agency, saying that while they endeavor to treat all passengers with respect, with Dorn “it looks like we missed our mark.”

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I guess we all have to look like our 16-year-old selves for people to believe we are the same person. Absolutely ridiculous. 

SOURCE: Huffington Post