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Besides waiting on the highly anticipated Drake & Nicki Minaj albums every body has been talking about the new Roots albums that supposed to drop on June 22nd. The album is titled ‘How I Got Over’ & is supposed to be another classic to add to their long list of plaques on the wall. When you think about the Roots you think about legends in the game that has been doing this longer than most of your favorite rappers.

When you think of The Roots you don’t think about basic rap that focuses on cars,women & jewelry. The Roots stand for something so much more powerful than that. When you think of The Roots you automatically think of back pack rap, That or the big afro drummer dude that works with Jay Z (Quest Love) ha ha.

We have their newest single coming off the up & coming album titled ‘The Fire’ featuring John Legend. What a collabo right? The song is based on never giving up & having that fire to keep trying to make it happen. 

‘You Don’t Say Good Luck/ You Say Don’t Give Up’



The Roots   The Fire  feat. John Legend