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Damn, Mac Miller can’t catch a break. 

DETAILS: AWW MAN! Mac Miller Gets Sued Again!

It’s been almost two years since Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller released his Best Day Ever banger “Donald Trump,” but it’s coming back to bite him in the ass. 

“The Donald” has known about Mac Miller’s song for years now, but he recently got wind of Mac Miller’s interview with Complex, where he shared a few harsh words about the controversial business mogul. 

In the video interview, Mac calls Donald Trump a “d*ck” and mentions how he disagrees with everything he stands for, despite titling a song after the multi-millionaire. 

Not happy about Mac’s interview, the Donald threatened to sue the 21-year-old rapper on Twitter, stating: 

DETAILS: Mac Miller Settles $10 Million Lawsuit With Lord Finesse

Donald hasn’t officially filed the lawsuit, but if he does, this will be the third lawsuit Mac Miller has been slapped with in less than a year. 

In 2012, hip-hop legend Lord Finesse sued Mac for a whopping $10 million. The two rappers eventually settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.

Mac also got sued by another artist named Patrick Berlinquette, also known as Warm Speakers, for $10 million. Apparently, Mac sampled Warm Speakers’ “The World Around You” for his Macadelic banger “Fuck Em All.” 

Hopefully, Mac and the Donald will work this out before it goes to court. 

Is Donald Trump picking on Mac Miller or does he actually have a legitimate lawsuit? 

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