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We’re not sure if John Galliano is really a jerk or if he’s just really really dumb.

After his drunken rant at a restaurant back in 2011, where he professed his love for Hitler and hate for Jewish people, John was exiled from the fashion world. Exiled may be a harsh word, but he did get fired from his position at Dior and people refused to work with him until recently, when Oscar de la Renta requested John’s assistance with his Fall/Winter 2013 collection.

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Oscar caught a lot of backlash for the move, but he simply stated that, “Everyone should have a second chance.” 

While we felt like John’s punishment for his drunken tirade was short-lived, we can understand the karmic retribution for forgiveness. But like a karmic slap in the face, John screwed up again and this time it was on the way to Oscar’s presentation for the Fall ’13 collection.

John Galliano was seen walking the streets of New York wearing what looked like a fashionable rendition of traditional Hasidic Jewish garb complete with a high hat, long overcoat and payos. For someone whose career almost ended for anti-Semitism, this was not the best of ideas. The NY Post called him a “Schmuck” right on the cover of their newspaper and we couldn’t help but wonder what he was thinking!

The level of insensitivity is staggering. For someone who has had as rough a two years as John Galliano, you would think he’d be extremely careful about what he does, but it seems like John doesn’t care at all. If he had Instagram, we’re sure there would be a Rihanna-like post about him giving zero fucks. Also, to pull a stunt like this on the way to the show of the only person that gave you a chance in the last two years is downright disrespectful. 

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Galliano’s rep Liz Rosenberg told the Post that her client wasn’t mocking anyone. “Your accusations are not at all correct,” she said.

But what would you think if someone with a history like John’s wore an outfit like that? Could it have been a sign that he was now being more sensitive to the Jewish community by dressing like one of their own, or was he just being a flat-out asshole?

At this point only Galliano himself knows, but one thing is for certain – it was a very bad idea.