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Do you know who Zendaya Coleman is? If you don’t, you really should.

Zendaya is a 16-year-old actress, dancer and model best known for playing Rocky Blue on the Disney channel show Shake It Up. But she’s not your typical Disney star, so don’t make any assumptions until you get to know her a little better.

Zendaya seems like the cool kid in class, so we decided to round up all the reasons she’s so cool that we just want to be best friends with her, and once we’re done, you’ll want to be too…

To start it off, (1) she likes to wear an “Oakland Ratchets” snapback (see above).

2. She has the best nails ever

3. Like ever…

4. Really, ever.


5. She was in the studio with Trey Songz and got him to pose like this

6. And this…


7. She likes cute puppies


8. She loves her Dad

9. And Mom


10. And she does this when hanging out with her Dad:

11. She makes cool dance videos with her friends.

Here’s one they made for Ye’s “Clique”

12. She can draw…and chose to use Tupac as her muse (double cool points)


13. She has custom Hello Kitty Beats by Dre

14. She was in a Beats commercial with Lil Wayne, Matt Kemp, Azealia Banks, LeBron James, Cam Newton, 2 Chainz, and Ellie Goulding


15. She watches Martin


16. She can work a red carpet with short hair…

17. Or long hair

18. She hangs out with Romeo Miller


19. And MGK


20. She wants to do a song with Drake


21. Her shoe game is on point

22. See?


23. She’s a good role model

“Truly confident girls show their naked faces, not their naked bodies #nomakeup #nofilters” 

Isn’t she cool?

Yeah, we think so too.