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Larry Reed, age 22, has been charged with the killing of openly gay mayoral candidate, Marco McMillian.

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Earlier in the week, McMillian was found dead near the Mississippi River. 

Reports show that Reed was driving McMillian’s vehicle when it crashed head-on into another car. McMillian was not in the vehicle at the time. 

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Both Reed and the other driver were immediately taken into the hospital. Both were reported in good condition. 

Authorities are currently investigating to find a possible motive for McMillian’s death. Police do not believe that the killing had any relation to politics.  

Local members of the community are outraged.

“It’s just terrifying to everybody that knew him personally because you ask, ‘Why?’ Sissiretta Melton said. “Why would it happen to someone like him?”

Police are working to find any possible connection between Reed and McMillian.  

It’s not clear if McMillian was targeted because of his sexual orientation, but the investigation is ongoing.

Our thoughts and prayers to McMillian’s family.

SOURCE: Huffington Post