Meek Mill is finally getting the chance to share his side of the story surrounding his corrupt experience with the criminal justice system. The Philly emcee spoke with CNN’s Don Lemon over the phone on Tuesday and actually sounded like a new, mature, grown up Meek. He dished on everything from his highly anticipated retrial […]

It's been a long time coming for the Brown family, but they've finally received the relief they hoped for.

Prince‘s death saga is starting to feel all too familiar. The singer’s criminal death investigation is in full swing, and authorities are scrutinizing his doctors—just as it happened in Michael Jackson‘s death investigation. According to reports, authorities are taking a hard look at Prince’s primary physician Dr. Michael Schulenberg and renowned addiction specialist Dr. Howard Kornfeld, to […]

A father and son duo from Syracuse has landed themselves in hot water...or hot oil.

Last March, a pregnant woman was about to head to the hospital to deliver her baby, when two men began pointing guns at her before

Weeks after being sentenced to eight years in prison and ordered by a federal judge to pay $1.9 million to the victims he’s been convicted of stealing from, things are looking up for Real Housewives Of Atlanta husband Apollo Nida. According to TMZ, Apollo has agreed to enter a 500-hour “intense” drug treatment program at some point during his […]

A 30 count indictment has been returned against surviving Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.  The counts involve his “alleged role in using weapons of mass destruction” at the April 15 event “to kill three individuals and maim or seriously injure many others” and “using a firearm to intentionally kill Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Police Officer […]

In perhaps one of the craziest robbery plans ever, a group of cyber thieves managed to steal $45 million from ATMs around the world by hacking into an online debit card database.  Eight people in the United States have been charged for the crime. These suspects allegedly stole $2.8 million from banks in New York […]

Justin Bieber‘stemper might be catching up to him.  The L.A. County District Attorney is deciding whether or not to prosecute the pop star for an incident that occured last Fall in which he allegedly spat in a neighbor’s face and threatened to kill him. Bieber is believed to have been racing his Ferrari around his […]

Julio Acevedo, the jig is up! DETAILS: OMG! Alleged Hit & Run Killer Also Killed Original 50 Cent  The suspect in the hit and run crash that killed a young, pregnant, Orthodox Jewish couple was arrested on Wednesday as he was walking out of a convenience store in Bethlehem, Pa., shortly after 5:00 p.m. Acevedo originally […]

Julio Acevedo, the man who allegedly killed a pregnant woman and her husband in a hit-and-run this week, is also reported to be the man who killed the original “50 Cent” years ago. DETAILS: Police Identify Hit & Run Killer Julio Acevedo According to police, Acevedo was driving a BMW that hit and killed Nachman […]

Larry Reed, age 22, has been charged with the killing of openly gay mayoral candidate, Marco McMillian. DETAILS: Openly Gay Mississippi Mayoral Candidate Found Dead Earlier in the week, McMillian was found dead near the Mississippi River.  Reports show that Reed was driving McMillian’s vehicle when it crashed head-on into another car. McMillian was not […]