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A University of Montana football player who was accused of rape by a female student was found not guilty yesterday after a two-hour trial.

The jury acquitted star quarterback Jordan Johnson after the student claimed he held her down and forced her into sexual relations when they had a movie date at her house.

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According to Fox News, Johnson told he jury that if she had said “no” or told him to stop, he would have obliged to her request.

He said at the witness stand:

‘I would never do that to anyone. If somebody says no, you stop. You respect that.’
The accusations got him suspended from the football team, and he was kicked off when official charges were pressed onto him.

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Apparently the female student texted a friend after their affair, claiming that he had raped her:

‘Omg … I think I might have just gotten raped … he kept pushing and pushing and I said no but he wouldn’t listen … I just wanna cry … Omg what do I do!’

According to USA Today:

The female student testified that she and Johnson were kissing at her home last February when his demeanor changed and he held her down and raped her, despite her protests.

Witnesses testified that she was pale and shaking, and that she cried uncontrollably after driving Johnson back to his house.

But Johnson told jurors the sex was consensual and that the woman enjoyed it. He testified that she asked him if he had a condom and when he said he didn’t, she told him that was OK. He said she never said “no,” and he would have stopped if she had.

The defense argued the woman became upset and sought vengeance after Johnson got up without any cuddling and didn’t talk to her other than to say, “Well, thanks,” when she dropped him off at his house.

Johnson claims that she wanted to have sex and was very much enjoying it, and even denied the use of a condom.

Mmm… interesting.

The football-er should now be able to return to the game and his team as he can now appeal his suspension.