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Oh, April Fools day. The one day a year where you can take absolutely nothing that anyone says at face value and not be called a cynic.

While the day is good for catching people with the same gag jokes they fall for year after year (hey Mom, I am pregnant!) on April 2nd it is right back to having to believe most of what is presented to us. Sigh. The other 364 days of the year, we simply cannot ask someone doing or wearing something foolish if they’re a f*cking joke without being offensive. 

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Just like with life, fashion has its moments of ups and downs when it comes to trends. Sometimes the trends are timeless and great and sometimes, just sometimes we wish they were all just one big April Fools joke. The revival of overalls? April Fools! Heelyz for Adults? It’s April 1st, you fool! 

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While we have to grin and bear seeing these fashion trends all year round, today is the day to address them with no remorse. Check out our list below for 10 fashion moments and trends we wish were April Fools’ pranks.

We just can’t wait to pull these out of the trenches of our closet…JK you April fool. 

Furry Boots and Bikinis. 

We don’t know how Snooki talked Deena into this, but we just aren’t sure of the existence of a temperature that is warm enough for a bikini, but cold enough for feet not to be sweltering in an acrylic replica of animal hair. 

Double Layered Polos

We’re sure this trend was a prank put into place to convince people they needed twice as many shirts than they actually do that spiraled out of collar popping control. 

Heelyz for Adults

Because it is always a good idea for an adult to make such a seamless transition from walking to sorta-skating, right? Wrong.


No one man should have all those pockets.

The 90s are knocking, and they want us all to wear overalls again. Yikes! And we aren’t even committing to the mandatory one shoulder look with this comeback! Oh, the humanity!

Hair Chopsticks

Are they for eating? Are they for hair? And how many pairs are too many pairs for one ponytail? The world will never know. 

Backwards Pants

Can you spot them in this photo? Once you do, file “backwards jeans” under things we wish only toddlers did on accident.



How dare you think out of this world comfort could be stylish! It has to look like a baby alligator and come with detachable accessories to attain that level of comfort praise.



Meggings meet somewhere between letting it all hang, tucking it all in, and making anyone who makes eye-contact with your crotch extremely uncomfortable; a place we hope you forgo exploring.

Whatever these are called

Do we really need to explain?

Silly Bandz on Adults

Silly Bandz will not always make her dance, unless of course you’re Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal spends an entire press junket talking about his. They’re too small, too tight, and actually not at all made for adults, so no matter how much you love unicorns, leave it to the kids!

What are some trends that you wish were just big jokes? Comment below and let us know.