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Parents, most of the time you do it right. But this time, you did it wrong.

PHOTOS: What’s Wrong With This Picture? Baby In China Is Doing What In The Park?! 

Like when we saw the pictures of a toddler in Shanghai, China puffing on a cigarette. Yep, that’s a little hipster toddler with a smoke stick in his mouth. Your eyes are not deceiving you.

First things first, your kid shouldn’t be smoking. Secondly, you shouldn’t be the one giving him a cigarette. And third…where are your clothes woman!

Yes, those are pajamas at the park. With dusty ass slippers. Mom, you did that wrong too.

But she’s not the only one. There are a bunch of parents who make their debut on the internet doing all the things parents aren’t supposed to be doing. 

Here 12 other contenders who are doing parenting all wrong. Stop. Just stop.

Mom? Dad? I’m not sure I’m supposed to be taking these ass shot pictures. Parenting…you’re doing that shit wrong.

The dad of mini-rapper Lil Poopy, who told media that slapping a woman’s butt is similar to, “how adults praise children who are participating in a baseball game.” Lil Poopy’s dad is parenting all wrong!

Mom, the floor surface under the Slurpie machine is probably not the best place to lay me while you do whatever it is you’re doing that made you put me here in the first place! Parenting is not your strong suit mom, you’re doing it wrong.

Mom? Dad? I don’t think I can swim if this thing collapses. You should take parenting classes…because I think you’re doing it wrong.  

Dad? A washing machine is for clothes, not babies. Stop parenting. That shit is not for you.

Yep mom…parenting just doesn’t fit you. But maybe a bra will!

Another smoking baby whose parents are doing it all wrong! But at least they took him to rehab to kick his habit. And this toddler’s motor skills are way fucking advanced. What the hell kind of cigarettes are those! (I’m convinced this is a whole grown ass man…no way a baby can twirl a cig like that).

You named me “Hashtag” and you spelled “weighs” (weys), “love” (luv), and “finally” (finnally) wrong. Plus your punctuation SUCKS! Parenting is not for you, but grammar and spell check should be.

Sorry Britney…we love you but at first you were doing that parenting shit all wrong. You’re much better now though! 

Do we even have to say it? Stop it parents…just stop it!


And last but not least…mom, please don’t leave me home with dad. He doesn’t do parenting very well.

Squishing my face for your entertaining? You’re doing it all wrong!