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Coachella kicks off this week, which means festival season is offically (and finally) in full gear!

With so many parties, shows, and events to hit, it can be stressful trying to put together just the right outfit, day-in and day-out.

You want something you can both dance in and easily maneuver in a Port-O-Potty. Something that will stretch where it needs to and stay put where it should. Something that will still look good after it dries and even with the possible tiny dirt stain. 

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After all, there’s already the heat, the humidity, and the drunks to worry about without having a girl’s worst nightmare: not knowing what to wear. 

So, to help you get ready for your most epic summer ever, we’ve compiled eight different looks, specifically catered to each major music festival in the country. 

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Think of it as your own personal stylist, getting you dressed to rage at the biggest parties of the year.

Check out the ultimate guide to dressing for festival fun times below…



1. SXSW, Austin, TX

Austin is known for its laid back vibe, so naturally their festival gear is going to maximize on comfort without sacrificing style. This year we saw all kinds of prints from animal to tribal, bohemian-inspired eyelet and fringes, and the forever classic denim on denim. For our SXSW go-to, we went for a light and lacey maxi skirt, leather crop top, and fringe accessories. Trust, comfort never looked this cool.



2. Lollapalooza, Chicago, IL

Lolla festival attendees are some serious style junkies. Being situated in the windy city gives you freedom to wear whatever you want since you’re not restricted by the lack of plumbing or janky weather. For our Lolla look, we decided to go with something very fashion-forward but still urban casual. Textures like tie-dye, leopard, and denim are really fun to put together as long as there isn’t too much color clashing. Just a little goes a long way!



3. Bonnaroo, Manchester, TN

Bonnaroo is situated on a 700 acre farm where attendees will be camping out with 80,000 of their fellow Bonnaroovians. The vibe is relaxed and the crowd couldn’t be more peaceful, at least until the sun goes down. For your whatever you’re going to be getting into on the farm, we suggest dressing for scorching hot weather during the day and cool breezes in the evening. Wear a headscarf and shades always to protect your head or just to look super cute.


4. Firefly, Dover, DE

Partygoers flock from all over the east coast to attend this one of a kind east coast rager. No other music festival in New England has such an epic lineup. Style is pretty laid back, but in light of the wooded landscape and camping experience, we think shorts and a loose-fitting band tank will do the job. Combat boots or any closed-toe footwear are advisable seeing as you’ll be in the backwoods for a few days. 


5. Governor’s Ball, Randalls Island, NYC

In accordance with its close proximity to NYC, Governor’s Ball is known for providing a well-rounded lineup that suits all different kinds of musical tastes. You can expect a highly diversified crowd of festival-goers either clad in the phreshest gear of late or setting new trends. We’re keeping things pretty standard for NYC street style by pairing a camo jacket, with studded cutoffs, and graphic wedge sneakers. Throw on a leather cap and aviators to remain somewhat inconspicuous, not.


6. Sweetlife, DC, Washington

What’s considered appropriate partying attire on Capitol Hill? You get down to business and go all black everything. Consider layering a denim top over black bottoms. Wear tons of leather to insulate and keep warm, especially since it tends to be a bit damp and chilly in DC during that time of the year. Take it to the next level with classic red accents. Obama’s security personel wished they looked this good in black. 



7. Electric Daisy, Las Vegas, New York, Chicago

These venues will host some of the biggest DJs from all over the world. The sets are the hard and the ravers are harder. Rave boys and rave girls all over the world love their cat ears, thigh highs, and neon accessories. They typically wear as little clothes as possible, anything from bikinis to painted racks with pasties. But you don’t have to be topless to have an amazing time. How about stepping up the edge with bold black and white stripes, thigh high stockings, and studs on everything you can get your hands on. You’ll fit right in and maybe they’ll even share their glitter with you!

8. Coachella, Indo Valley, CA

Channel your inner RiRi this year in short and sassy black overalls, a striped bandeau top, and satin bomber jacket. Finish the look with gold chain-linked jewelry, bold-colored lazer cut gladiators, and classic Wayfarer Ray-Bans. You’ll have those West coast fashionistas glaring and all the right looking men staring. 

Stay hydrated and don’t forget to pack that sunscreen festival babes!