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She might be one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood today, but two years ago, Eva Longoria was in bad shape.

After her tough split with ex-husband Tony Parker in 2010, the Desperate Housewives star went into a depression so deep, that she stopped eating!

She told Dr. Oz in an upcoming episode:

“I was not eating. I was depressed. I was sad. My diet was coffee.”

Apparently, no one seemed to notice how bad things got for her, since people around her only complimented her as she got skinnier.

She continued:

‘So people kept saying, “You look amazing. Divorce agrees with you. And I was like, I don’t feel good. I have no energy.’

‘I didn’t know I was depressed. I mean, I knew it was a sad moment in my life, but I wouldn’t categorize myself as depressed.’
Things got so bad, that she went to a doctor who told her that her blood work showed she was deprived of every vitamin in her body.

She said of the experience:

‘[The doctor] said it’s as if somebody took a straw and sucked everything out of your body. You don’t have any iron, your liver’s overacting.”

Eventually, Eva got back on track with her diet, and is in better shape than ever with her body today!

We’re so proud she made it through the storm, and we love seeing her shine today!